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Basic CSR Policy

IP Agent Corporation embraces CSR standards aiming to contribute to further development of culture and civilization for the realization of sustainable community by creating new value and supporting research and development on a global scale through the IP (Intellectual Property)-related services it provides as an IP solutions partner who attends to filing of foreign patent applications and provides IP-related translations.

Basic CSR Policy

Contributing to Society 

We strive to improve our IP (Intellectual Property) expertise and provide stable, reliable and secure IP-related services worldwide. We create new value in society by offering and providing new business models and IP strategies and contribute to creating a society in which anyone can participate actively.

Protecting the Environment 

We actively embrace environmentalism in all our business and contribute to creating environmentally-friendly society through our IP-related services.

Respecting Our Employees 

We respect employee diversity and provide workplace that values self-fulfillment. We and our clients maintain high ethical standards and as IP experts, we fulfill our social responsibilities through our business activities and obtainment of IP rights worldwide.

We have been waging a charity campaign as part of a social action.
We have been waging a charity campaign as part of a social action. 
To help the disaster-stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake which happened on 11th of March 2011, we decided to support the earliest possible reconstruction by donating part of our sales to the three prefectures (Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima) in northeastern Japan.
We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.