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Intellectual-Property-Related Translation Services
For Clients in Need of Translations into English,Chinese and Japanese

[Translation Languages] English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Russian and Japanese
[Translators] We select translators with knowledge and experience in technical, legal and linguistic aspects in accordance with client's needs.
[Regular Delivery Dates] 2-3 weeks (urgent request is also negotiable)

Translations of Foreign Patent Application Documents

  • Translations for Paris route, PCT route and direct filing applications in non-domestic markets
  • Translations of Japanese specifications into English, Chinese, Korean, etc. for foreign patent applications
  • Providing partial translations of specifications as requested

Translations of Foreign-Office-Action-Related Documents

  • Translations of reasons for rejection notifications and cited references (partial translation is also available)
  • Translations of amendments and arguments (partial translation is also available)

Translations of Priority Certificates

  • Able to accept translation orders of individual Priority Certificates
  • Providing translations of Priority Certificates together with translations of corresponding foreign patent Applications

Translations of Patent Publications and File Wrappers

  • Translations of foreign and domestic patent publications and corresponding file wrappers

Translations of Patent Search Reports

  • Translations of foreign and domestic patent search reports and extracted patent publications

Translations of Licensing Agreements

  • Translations of agreements such as patent licensing or transfer (purchase and sale), exclusive/non-exclusive licensing and cross-licensing

Translations of Litigation Materials and Written Expert Opinions

  • Translations of submitted litigation materials, docket sheets, expert opinions about patent infringement, patent validity, etc.

Foreign Patent Search Services
For Clients Considering Foreign Patent Searches

[Target Countries] US, UK, Germany, France other EU member countries, Korea, China, India, Brazil, other PCT member countries, etc.
Also able to conduct searches in Japan.
[Technical Fields] Electrical, electronics, telecoms, automobile, engineering, chemistry, physics, etc.
[Patent Researchers] Researchers with knowledge and experience in a technical field of search target
[Regular Delivery Dates] 2-4 weeks (urgent request is also negotiable)

Technology Trend Searches

  • Collecting past publications regarding a specific technique related to development theme of new technology

Invalidity Searches

  • Collecting and analyzing evidential materials to invalidate patents held by others.

Infringement Searches

  • Collecting patents with potential to infringe on client's products

Prior Art Searches

  • Collecting prior arts with respect to inventor's inventions or ideas

SDI (Watching)

  • Providing regular reports on necessary update from the monthly-issued publications

Design and Trademark Searches

  • Also providing searches on product designs or names

Local Searches

  • Conducting local searches through associate patent firms and search companies in about 50 countries

Filing and Procurement Services for Foreign Applications
For clients who wish to obtain IP rights in non-domestic markets

Filing Foreign Patent Applications

  • Filing through Paris route and PCT route in non-domestic markets
    Direct filing in non-domestic markets
  • Drafting foreign patent specifications with technical advices
    Redrafting two specifications into one
  • Translating specifications for foreign patent applications (where Japanese specifications are provided)
  • Drafting Japanese specifications for foreign patent applications (in the absence of Japanese specifications)
  • Drafting English specifications for foreign patent applications (in the absence of Japanese specifications)
  • Filing provisional applications, divisional applications, and continuation applications (including Continuation-In-Part applications)

Filing Foreign Design Applications and Trademark Applications

  • Filing through Paris route and Madrid Protocol in non-domestic markets
    Direct filing in non-domestic markets
  • Preparing drawings for foreign design applications
  • Preparing trademark specimens and 3D trademarks for foreign trademark applications

Reviewing Foreign Office Actions and Preparing Responses

  • Requesting substantive examinations
  • Preparing and filing Information Disclosure Statements
  • Reviewing office actions and preparing responses (including technical advices and translations)
  • Preparing responses to telephone interviews, oral hearing, etc.
  • Requesting continued examinations, appeals, etc.

Taking over foreign application cases during the prosecution process after filing (case transfer)

  • Arranging for the transfer of foreign application cases (including the necessary paperwork for case-transferred notification to foreign patent attorneys)

Annuity Management Services

  • Collaborative management with associate annuity management companies
  • Collaborative management with associate foreign patent attorneys

Providing Introductions to Foreign Patent Attorneys

  • (Standard) Intermediating between clients and their patent attorneys
  • (Upon request) Introducing patent attorneys according to client's requirements (in consideration of technical field, clerical aspect and budget)

Consultation Services for Worldwide IP Strategies

  • Recommending IP strategies based on the assumption of patent utilization and infringement in respective target countries for product sales
  • Recommending the use of domestic and foreign attorneys or annuity companies after consideration of factors such as stability, cost and efficiency.

Other Services

Obtaining Foreign Patent Publications and File Wrappers

  • Obtaining published applications, issued patents and corresponding file wrappers from overseas

Support in International Patent Disputes

  • Providing intermediary services in cooperation with foreign patent attorneys in the following:
    Litigation process, written expert opinions about patent infringement or patent validity, settlement talks, and actions against counterfeit goods
  • Obtaining litigation materials, docket sheets and reporting status analysis

Consultation Services for Worldwide Licensing Strategies

  • Supporting, in cooperation with foreign patent attorneys, in making agreements such as patent licensing or transfer (purchase and sale), exclusive/non-exclusive licensing, and cross-licensing

Providing introductions to foreign patent law firms (patent attorneys)

  • Providing introductions to the most suitable patent attorneys in consideration of litigation experience, technical expertise in field required, cost-efficiencies, etc., in accordance with client's request

Visiting Foreign Patent Firms, Internship Arrangements

  • Providing necessary arrangements and support for clients to visit their associate law firms or prospective law firms abroad and client internship placement service at foreign firms

Arranging Meetings with Foreign Patent Attorneys and Visits to Manufacturing Facilities

  • Arranging meetings with client's foreign attorneys or prospective attorneys, providing facilitators and interpreters for the meeting, and organizing visits to client's manufacturing facilities for foreign attorneys

Arranging Lectures or Seminars by Foreign Patent Attorneys

  • Setting up and facilitating lectures or seminars by client's foreign attorneys or prospective foreign attorneys

Taking over Foreign Annuity Management (Case Transfer)

  • Intermediating between clients and our associate annuity management companies

IP related Interpretation Services (English and Chinese)

  • Providing interpreters for various situations related to IP matters

Consultation Services for IP Managements

  • Consultation on search strategies, filing strategies, office action strategies, patent utilization strategies, etc.